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January 2022

Maybe we should consider renaming their role to "Friends of Product?"

May 2021

Face it, you're going to get old. Keep those skills up and prevent ageism
You know that Pareto Principle everyone talks about? Yeah, it makes you lazy.

April 2021

Stop focusing so much on deliverables, you'll get distracted and end up not seeing the forest for the trees

March 2021

Think you're clever because you know AWS and high-availability architectures like the back of your hand?
Hardware is hard. No joke, "Hard" is literally in the name

February 2021

Forget brittle point to point, build APIs instead
Yeah, you read that correctly. Change my mind. It's the worst part of program management. Also, it's likely the most important.

January 2021

Turns out it's a lot. A lot of talking, a whole lot of talking.