Ed 030 Ship Impact, Not Features

Stop focusing so much on deliverables, you'll get distracted and end up not seeing the forest for the trees

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tl;dr - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, OUTCOME OVER DELIVERY. Outcomes align, teams, orgs, and entire companies. Consider creating impact reports after the completion of a project or the release of a new feature to further solidify success.

tl;dr - Learning how to create product roadmaps help you understand the incentives and values of Product Managers with whom you’ll be working closely when it comes to driving initiatives, and NOT features.

tl;dr - So you’re using agile huh? Oh, and still working remotely due to COVID? Here are a few tips to run that retrospective just a little better.

tl;dr - This one is just for you technical folks out there. Ever take a look at the download size of Uber? It’s gigantic. Here’s the reason why.

tl;dr - Working from home has upended how work ethos and work-balance expectations function. I bet you’re always glued to your Slack messages on your phone aren’t you? Admit it.

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