Turns out it's a lot. A lot of talking, a whole lot of talking.
Welcome and Hello to The Unblockers intro threadWelcome to the Unblockers. We curate and create content to uplevel your professional skills. Feel free to introduce yourself and Let us know if …
No excuses here, just pure accountability, and probably some angry Slack/Emails
Maybe we should consider renaming their role to "Friends of Product?"
Face it, you're going to get old. Keep those skills up and prevent ageism
Get stuff done faster and limit wasted time with Timeboxing
Think you're cool and impressing others by taking on and starting so many projects in parallel? You might just be bogging yourself down.
Use OKRs and KPIs Push Organization Direction
There's a brave new world of blurred responsibilities and strange hybrid roles. Design Engineering is among them
Your name should pop up regularly in meetings as the person to turn to for problem-solving and unblocking
Yeah, you read that correctly. Change my mind. It's the worst part of program management. Also, it's likely the most important.
Program Managers don't always have the luxury of authority. You'll have to use influence instead.