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The Job Market SUCKs For Program Managers Right Now

Now is a really bad time to be job hunting

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tl;dr - I’ll cut to the chase. It’s bad out there for those interviewing at tech companies. Tech companies overhired and indexed on growth over operational efficiency, laid off the redundant and bottom performers, and now layoff Horror Stories like this are all over the internet. I’ve seen fewer program manager and technical program manager jobs posted compared to the uptick in pandemic hiring. So now is a great time to start refreshing your interview skills.

tl;dr - You know what’s even more depressing? Seeing the actual numbers behind the layoffs. If you haven’t already, make sure to bookmark Layoffs.fyi to see the latest updates. While it may seem like doom and gloom, it could be an opportunity to snag talent or message the survivors for leftover roles that need to be backfilled.

Chart from Layoffs.fyi

tl;dr - I hate applying for jobs as much as the next person, but at least Otta tries to make it easier for us. Otta tries to help find you the perfect tech gigs by aligning them to your values and passions and even has Otta-specific reviews of the company’s interview process, response time, and culture.

tl;dr - Creating your resume doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact, it should be collaborative. During my most recent job search, I personally leveraged FlowCV. It’s free, btw, but there are paid versions

You know that old adage to keep your resume short and sweet? It was no joke. And Jerry Lee uploaded a video recently showing you just ow little time recruiters spend on your resume. It’s important to optimize your resume for their short attention spans so make every word and space count!

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