Ed 027 What Makes a Great API?

Forget brittle point to point, build APIs instead

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tl;dr - Straight from the Stack Overflow podcast, learn about what makes a great API and how they act as one of the key building blocks of full-featured products.

tl;dr - Hey, the PMP ain’t perfect either. Learn more about some of the unmentioned weaknesses of Scrum. Psst, it’s people leadership that they don’t teach you.

tl;dr - People management and managing remote teams turn out to be one of the biggest obstacles for PMs and PGMs. In my opinion, that’s every year though.

tl;dr - You’re not just some tiny cog in a giant machine, you know. This article thoughtfully details some of the ways you can drive innovation. Hint: think product and customer-centric.

tl;dr - Feeling disconnected? Remote work making it harder to manage teams? You’re not alone. The Digital Project manager has a video detailing the obstacles of sloppy teams.

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