Ed. 023 Dead Horses in Scrum and When To Dismount

Weird analogy, but okay I guess

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The tl;dr — We use tl;dr to summarize topics and stands for “too long; didn’t read.” 

tl;dr - Turns out if a certain step, part, person, etc. of your project/program is difficult you may want to evaluate and decide if it’s a dead horse. If so, consider “dismounting.“

tl;dr - Align your projects and programs with the vision and values of your company’s products.

tl;dr - Being integrated into the Product Strategy Cycle allows greater management of your projects and programs.

tl;dr - A bit on the hand-wavy side, but they say asking two questions can apparently magnify your story completion using the “swarm method.”

tl;dr - Fairly structured, no-frills methods to refine your leadership.